The aim of crowdpolicy open innovation events is to promote, network and award ideas, proposals and applications that help solve problems and mobilize the creative human capital of the country.

Open innovation event hereafter referred to as "hackathon", is governed by the present terms. Please read these terms carefully before submitting your registration.

Your participation in any role implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms, and their acceptance is a prerequisite for participating in the hackathon. If you disagree with any part, or all, of these terms, you are requested not to participate.

Participation in the hackathon / Participants

The categories of participants and their roles are presented below:

Organizer (Organizing Committee - Organizing Team)

Competing teams or project team

Observers - Visitors

Evaluation Committee



The display or selection of the display of supporters on the website and press releases or any kind of information material disseminated and reproduced by electronic means is the choice of the organizing committee.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

  1. Only natural persons who are at least 18 years of age (on the start date of the competition), irrespective of their nationality or place of residence, are allowed to participate in the hackathon. Natural persons under 18 years of age are allowed to participate provided that they have the written consent of a parent/legal guardian (e.g. in the case of students).
  2. The participants are not required to hold a public or private institution degree or be students of public or private faculties associated with the theme of the hackathon. Natural persons of the ages mentioned above irrespective of whether they have practiced or practice a profession related to the theme of a hackathon are allowed to participate.
  3. The participants should read these terms carefully before registering and submitting their proposal.
  4. Participation in the hackathon implies the unconditional acceptance of all the terms by the participants.
  5. Registering and information about the hackathon will be available exclusively at or
  6. The submission of proposals before and during the hackathon process is conducted exclusively in Greek and English, with the exception of using international terms when they are required.
  7. The participants have the sole and exclusive responsibility of safeguarding or otherwise protecting their submitted proposals and the rights deriving therefrom. The entire code, the mockups, designs and everything else produced during the hackathon will be available on a publicly accessible website or / and code repository under the license (CC BY-SA 4.0)
  8. Those interested can participate in the Competition either individually or in teams of up to six (6) members. At registration, the Head of the team should be declared, who will be the contact person, as well as the other members of the team. In order to declare the personal data of the team members, the Head of the team guarantees that he/she has obtained a written authorization by each of them for the purpose of the competition, which he/she shall make available to the organizers whenever it is requested.
  9. The organizers can, at any stage of the hackathon, request any supporting documents they deem necessary in order to cross-check or certify the information (ID, passport, etc.) of the participants according to the present terms.
  10. In the event of submission of false information, the Organizers are not held liable and they have the right to cancel the participation at any stage of the competition.
  11. Any document or other material - part of the proposal that will be submitted for the purpose of the competition will not be returned.
  12. Any preparation costs will be undertaken solely by the Participants.
  13. The participants must bring their own equipment such as a laptop, multipurpose plugs etc. in order to develop their application. No equipment for the development of applications is provided during the competition.

Exclusion of participants from the competition

Individuals that fall into one of the following categories will be able to take part only in the presentations and side events and not in the competing part of the hackathon, ie their teams will not be eligible for the awards of the event:

In addition:


You will be required to complete the table below. The organizer may change or modify this table during the hackathon. This form may be completed before or after the hackathon.

Description of the application Short description
Target audience
Hackathon – Coverage of specifications What are the sets or parts of the proposed specifications covered by the implementation?
Data Which data (datasets) are needed to implement the proposal? - Which data will ultimately be used?
Apis Which APIs are needed to implement the proposal? - Which APIs will ultimately be used?
Links Datasets / apis links
Prerequisites What are the prerequisites in order to productively use or extend the use of the application of the prototype?
Technology What technology is the implementation of the prototype based on? Which opensource software packages does it utilize?

Process and evaluation criteria

The evaluation committee evaluates and awards applications and implementations based on specific evaluation criteria, including, but not limited to, the following:

The results and documentation are announced electronically or not. Participants do not have the right to object to the selection of the evaluation committee and the final specification of the criteria at any time.

APIs, open source services and software

Participants are encouraged to use third-party services, APIs and applications, libraries and open source platforms. In addition, sponsors, supporters and interested parties may offer technology platforms or APIs for the electronic services they already provide.

Ownership of the applications

All teams or individuals shall retain the ownership of what they are to create during the hackathon. Furthermore, they are sole responsible for NOT violating any kind of third party intellectual property rights (modification, use, reproduction, etc.).

Specifically for Lidl Hellas, as a partner of Crowdpolicy in Sustainability Hackathon, the participation implies the:

  1. The granting of the license and the right to integrate the image and the voice of the participants in the final composition of the images at the discretion of Lidl Hellas and the associates and the granting of any right of use on the produced material without time and local limitation, in different editions and in all possible advertising media - buyout
  2. The granting of the use of the rights without any financial consideration and no financial or other claim or right of any related
  3. The videos and photos will be displayed and published at the discretion of Lidl Hellas and its associates on these social networks, on the internet and in any suitable medium, in magazines, newspapers or on television for the purpose of the widest possible viewing and communication of the respective events / actions of Sustainability Hackathon and that these videos / photos can be reproduced by local and / or national television stations and any other media.
  4. Finally, the data of the photography and the video recording will be kept for the period of time required for the projection and the publication of the respective events / actions

All the applications and individual components such as code, mockups and designs to be produced during the hackathon will be available on a publicly accessible website or / and code repository (Github or equivalent) under the license (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Personal Data and Copyright

The management and protection of the personal data of participants of the hackathon by the organizers are subject to these terms and the relevant provisions of the existing regulatory and legislative framework for the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data and confidentiality of communications. Participation in the hackathon implies the explicit and unconditional consent of the participants for the registration of their personal data, the summary / descriptive paragraph - material to be published as well as a brief Curriculum Vitae of the finalists in a file which will be kept in accordance with Greek Law 138 (I) / 2001.

All participants declare that they agree to be recorded and / or photographed and / or filmed and / or incorporated into an organization material themselves and their proposals in any way by the organizer during all stages of the hackathon even after its completion and grant the organizer the right, free of any payment for copyright or other rights, to use, process, transmit, broadcast it through the website or any other website owned by the Organizers and / or any other means including mass-media networking and third-party websites.

All of the content such as code, mockups, notes produced by the participants during the hackathon will be available under the license (CC BY-SA 4.0, http: // -sa / 4.0 / deed.el) unless the organizers decide otherwise.

Participants waive any right to remuneration and / or exchange for any of the aforementioned uses.

The Head of the Team declares and guarantees that he/she has received written authorization from each of the team members to provide the organizers with their explicit consent regarding the registration, processing and publication of their data for the purpose of the hackathon as determined above, which he will make available to the Organizers whenever it is requested. Participants waive any right to remuneration and / or exchange for any of the aforementioned uses.

The organizers declare that they cannot check the entries in the competition for compliance with the provisions on intellectual property and, therefore, relies solely on the participants' statement of compliance with the provisions on the protection of intellectual property.

In the event of violation of any of the terms of the competition and the current legislation, and in the event of violation of third-party rights whenever this is known, the organizers may either exclude the participant from the next stages of the competition (if it is discovered before the award οf the prize) or to withdraw the decision to nominate the particular participant as a winner and to request that they return the prize as well as restore any damage caused due to the violation of these terms either to a third person or to the organizers themselves.

Alcohol Consumption

During the event, alcohol will not be served or consumed. The organizers will be responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Code of conduct during a hackathon

Recommendations to participants:

Other Terms

Overall terms and conditions governing additional topics can be found at